Top standard veterinary services in Smithfield.

At Smithfield Veterinary Services, our expertly-trained staff are completely dedicated to helping your pet along the road back to vitality. We’re able to provide a huge range of medical services, and one of our main goals is to keep everything as affordable as possible. We’ll keep you completely informed every step of the way, and the final say in every decision will always be yours.

All-round care

We always encourage regular check-ups here at Smithfield, and not just because we love seeing you and your pets so much! It’s very important to touch base regularly for tests and preventative measures. The earlier we catch something, the more effectively we can treat it, and there’s no better way to solve a problem than to stop it from happening in the first place. 
Smithfield Veterinary Services Veterinarian with cat and dog

Our services

  • Vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Dietary and nutritional advice, education and planning
  • Dental care (this one’s vital for the more venerable pets)
  • Preventative measures against potentially dangerous parasites, such as fleas and worms
  • Cardiac assessment
  • Access to a high-tech lab for conducting all sorts of tests, including blood, urine, ultrasound and radiology
  • De-sexing
  • De-worming
  • Dental care
  • BAER hearing tests
  • Stem sell treatment for joints and tendons

Pet surgery in safe hands

Smithfield Veterinary Services Pet Surgery
Surgery is a scary word, as we’re all well aware. However, our operating theatres are some of the best around, and we take every possible measure to keep them sterile and up to date with the latest equipment. No chances are taken even with simple, routine procedures such as sterilisation and desexing, and surgery is always the very last resort. We’ll keep you completely filled in on what the procedure involves and how much it will improve your pet’s quality of life, so you’ll always have all the facts before you make the big call.

Caring veterinarians

Smithfield Veterinary Services Caring Veterinarian
Our compassionate, friendly and expert staff are some of the biggest animal-lovers around. Everybody at Smithfield thrives on being the best they possibly can, and we’re constantly arranging additional training and development in the very latest advances in animal care. We all want to see your pet get better just as much as you do, after all, so it’s vital that we stay on top of our game.

Smithfield Veterinary Services is here for your pet, no matter the circumstances.
Get in touch on 07 4038 1666 to book an appointment now.

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